We are the first South African farm to bottle Petite Sirah and it is a variety that Charles Back and the rest of the team here feel has a lot of potential in this part of the world. This harvest we are going to be following the production of the Petite Sirah through a series of videos. This morning I met up with Anthony de Jager, to take a look at the vineyard, approximately two weeks before we expect to start picking these grapes.

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3 Comments on Fairview Petite Sirah 2010 pt1

  1. Peter May says:

    Very interesting video, Chris.

    I’m a fan of PS. Managed to get hold of three bottles of your ’07 but thought it was, although enjoyable, a little one dimensional; perhpas because such young vines?? Brought remaining two back to UK for a tasting.

  2. Chris Bryant says:

    Thanks Peter. Just released the 08, already a big move forward from the 07 and the 09 is looking awesome!

  3. Neel says:

    I haven’t tasted Petite Sirah yet so I guess a trip to Fairview is imminent!

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