In October, Fairview hosted a group of veterinarians and livestock officials from Lesotho who were in the country for a week to gain some insights into dairy farming with goats. Lesotho is the worlds second largest producer of mohair and their farmers have a lot of experience with Angora goat farming.  img_0282However, with now looking at goats’ milk as a viable agricultural investment opportunity, the Lesotho government would like to improve their practices so as to reduce mortality rates and learn more about this challenging field.
Donald Mouton is responsible for Fairview’s herd of almost 800 goats and he spent a week with the group, going through the peculiarities of the Saanen breed and all of the considerations that need to be made when farming with them. At the end of their visit the group made a selection from some of our goats, to be sent up to Lesotho as breeding stock. This is an extremely important decision, as it is vital to start their herd with good quality goats, with strong breeding potential.
This program has been initiated by the Lesotho government and the minister of livestock and agriculture was amongst the group. The initiative is being run by the government as a pilot, as a means to explore the possibilities as well as to educate rural farmers who may later become involved in dairy goat farming.
we wish them all the best with this program an look forward to having them visit Fairview again in the future.

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