In 2009 Pedro & Ana travelled all the way from Huambo in Angola, approximately 200Km from the Namibian border to Paarl to come and buy 75 milk goats. The 200km trip to the border took them 12 hours due to the road that was wash away and the fear of landmines if they strayed off the road.

After they committed themselves to buying the goats, the export process began and Donald Mouton (farm and goat manager) exclaims; “I’ll never forget the day when the person from the Angolan Attaché arrived here to value the “MILK COATS” we were exporting to Angola. I took him to the goats and he was totally confused and insisted he wanted to see the COATS not goats.” After some investigation by Donald, it was noted that someone erroneously wrote “coats” instead of “goats” on the documentation. With that sorted he valued the goats.

Since that initial meeting with Pedro and his wife, he has kept Donald up to date with the trials and tribulations they have had in Angola, with excessive rains etc. But our goats survived and increased in numbers and as you read on,more goats have been distributed to families.

Pedro had headed up several projects in the town of Etunda.

One very important one, was to ensure that the children of the village received their ID documents. Before Pedro and his wife started on this project, there were 64 children that had no birth certificates or ID documents. He and his wife took it upon themselves to ensure that this was rectified.

They took the children to from the village to the Bureau of Identification in the city. After much waiting and anxiety, they were informed by the officer present, that he would try and get copies of the 64 children’s birth certificates and issue them with their ID cards.

Pedro informed us, that with great joy, they were visited personally by the Secretary General of the Baptist Convention of Angola, who distributed 12 of the official ID cards to the children. Pedro states: “It was an unforgettable day in the life of those 12 children – and ours!” Although 52 children had still not yet received their documentations, they were informed by the Secretary General, that they will be receiving these in due course.

As the task that Pedro and his wife had set for themselves was well underway and soon to be completed, they started to make their way back to Portugal, but not before doing something special.

On the Sunday before leaving, the couple ensured that every family with children who attended their Sunday School during the past year, received a goat or kid. Each goat was accompanied by a joke about the name of its family, and was taken to its new home.

This was a gift that the families were not expecting.

The families have been living with the goats around their houses, but always in the know that these goats belonged to Pedro and Ana. Now one of these goats who have been part of their community, became a family member.

Pedro and Ana ensured that all parties involved were accurately trained in the rearing and caregiving of the goats. “We left with the feeling that after several setbacks, the goats (and their milk:) finally arrived to whom they were intended – children of Etunda!”

With full intentions to return back to Africa and continue their great work, with very heavy hearts leaving friends that have been as good as family to them, Pedro and Ana have set off back to Portugal to celebrate and embrace the arrival of their first child in January.

They will keep us informed of all their new developments.

We wish you well Pedro and Ana

The Fairview team

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