Over the weekend, the second annual La Capra Goatrun was presented by Fairview.

This year the race organizers outdid themselves. There were 400 entrants in the race. Sadly 50 of those thought the weather looked a little ominous, and turned back. Either that, or their alarms couldn’t get them up for the VERY early morning start.

The farm was a buzz on Friday afternoon, with people coming to register and collect their goodie bags in order to make the early Saturday morning start times a little more manageable.

Saturday morning rolled in, and so did a few dark clouds. Luckily the heavens didn’t open up on the 500 strong competitors, spectators and visitors to the farm that morning.


The runners were set off – the 8km and the 15km runners started at 7:45, with the 5km walkers starting at 08:00.

The 5km runners were treated to a few La Capra watering holes on the way through the vineyards – which slowed a few people down – nothing like sipping a cold La Capra Sauvignon Blanc while standing in the middle of the vineyards enjoying the smells and sights the vines and panoramic view have to offer.

The 5km women’s race was won by none other than our very own Marlene van der Berg – perhaps the local knowledge of the route, or the sneaking training sessions she was doing during her lunch helped J. Well done Marlene.

The 5km and the 8km men’s race saw the Oosthuizen family dominating. Ruben and father Stefan both won their 5km and 8km races respectively. When the prize was handed over to Ruben he was asked how he found the race. He commented; “Ons is life vir hardloop, maar nie my ma nie!” – “We all love running, except my mom.”

Delilah Sao Joao won the ladies 8km race. Dawid Visser and Caitlin Lewis were the respective winners in the 15km race. Well done to all of you.

Fairview was able to raise funding to the value of R 7 000. The funding was donated to the The Boland School for Autism (Paarl, South Africa).

Fairview would like to thank all those who participated, all the sponsors, and a special thank you to all the staff who helped prepare the venue and the goodie bags etc for the competitors.


A fantastic event. We hope to see you all there next year. Bring your friends!

View full race results here

Have you lost a pair of running shoes? One of our competitors left their shoes on the farm. Please contact Fairview and correctly identify the shoes and we will ensure that you get it back.

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  1. dian says:

    Hi guys,

    anymore photos? Would it be possible for us to get these pictures?

  2. This is all we have at the moment.

    Click on the pictures and then “save picture as”

  3. JM says:

    Could you please indicate where one could obtain more photos of the day? Your photographers were snapping away, surely there must be more pics somewhere.

    Thanks for a great day – well organised race, really enjoyed the 15km route.

  4. As they come in, we are putting them on our facebook page.

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