In 2009 Fairview began an exciting exchange program in conjunction with FK Norway and Mr Finn Erik, owner of Ekeby Farm in Norway. Every year employees from both companies are chosen to take part in the exchange program which sets out to promote reciprocal learning as well as encouraging the personal growth and development of each individual. Applicants for the exchange program undergo a series of interviews before final selections are made.

“The objective is for both farms to learn from each other, while also giving our employees an exciting opportunity to travel.” Charles Back, owner Fairview Wine and Cheese

To date, four employees from both businesses have taken part in the program; Roger Fontuin and Bongiwe Mpata are currently in Norway working at Ekeby and have been there since May 2011. Lars Bjornstad and Ingren Rosland arrived from Norway on the 3rd of October to begin their year at Fairview.

Ekeby farm, which is located 60km south of Oslo, comprises of a farm shop and restaurant. The farm shop sells local produce sourced from around the Oslo Fjord as well as a range of South African products. The restaurant specialises in functions and offers guests a 3 or 4 course meal culminating in a serving of spit roasted Boer goat which Finn Erik originally imported from South Africa and now breeds on the farm. As part of Team Ekeby the exchange employees present wine tastings focusing on the Fairview Goats do Roam range and they serve guests both in the shop and in the restaurant.   For Ekeby one of the greatest advantages of the exchange program is having South Africans working in their business so that they can relate the stories behind the wine and the link to South Africa first hand.

The Goat Tower at Ekeby

But the affiliation between Fairview and Ekeby doesn’t end there. The two farms share something else that is truly special, Fairview’s most recognizable icon, the goat tower! In 1997 Finn Erik built a replica of the Fairview Goat Tower in Oslo, 10 342 km away from the original tower on the Fairview farm in Paarl. Finn Erik’s company has also incorporated the tower in their logo and the marketing of Ekeby Farm. So for Fairview and Ekeby the connection extends through buildings, goats, wine and most importantly people and as well as a love for South Africa.


The Ekeby exchange employees swap life on a farm in Oslo for life on a farm in Paarl. They become part of the Fairview family and work in the wine tasting room as well as at the Goatshed restaurant. They interact with guests and they in turn tell stories of Norway and Ekeby and their life experiences. It is this exchange of knowledge combined with the experiences gained in a different country that are the key to development and Fairview is proud to be a part of this exciting development program.

The Goat Tower at Fairview



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