“Going green” is a phrase that has several meanings, depending on the context in which it is said.

Here on the farm we are gearing up for the world cup and going green in support of our Boks, however the “going green” in this post refers to a mindset with regard to running a business.

Environmental conservation and going green is just one of the development projects that owner Charles Back is focused on of late. One of his initiatives, which has been in the planning phase for a while has started to evolve in the last week.

In his efforts, Charles has started a project to erect solar panels on the roof of the cheese factory.

The cheese factory makes use of large amounts of hot water in order to make the quality cheeses that we have all come to love from Fairview. Currently Fairview is using 300 liters of oil a day in the boiler in order to heat up the water to the desired levels.

With the inclusion of the solar panels, the oil usage will decrease to an environmentally acceptable level of only 100 liters per day.

This is the one of many projects Charles has initialized in order to bring down the carbon footprint of the cheese factory, and after that, the Fairview estate, in an attempt to establish a completely carbon neutral entity.

Watch this space – your cheeses will soon be produced by a completely carbon neutral factory!

Just doing our bit, for our planet!


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