The 10th of August was a very special day for the Stellenbosch Small Farmers Association.

The association, founded in 2003, consists of 13 farmers, chaired by Gerrit Hendricks together with board members Chris Jacobs and Peter Stone. The association of 13 farmers employs a total of 30 individuals from their surrounding community.

Each farmer has approximately 5 hectors of land, which they rent from the Stellenbosch municipality in return for the basic infrastructure needed for the land. The granted land is right next door to our Houmoed farm, and as such, the Small Farmers Association and the community of employees that they employ is part of our Fairview community.

Charles Back is very focused on community development, and helps out wherever he can. And when an exercise by farm manager Donald Mouton showed that we had a tractor that was not being utilised, Charles saw this as an opportunity.

The farmers can do whatever they want to do with the land, however as they did not have any machinery, it was very labour intensive and not always effective. Fairview refurbished a Fiat 500 tractor to almost brand new condition and contacted Gerrit.

Donald Mouton handed over the tractor to the Small Farmers Association on Wednesday 10th of August in a very small handover celebration, where board members and a few of the farmers were present. Gerrit was extremely grateful to Fairview and thanked Donald profusely for the great donation that they had received.



Fairview is continuously trying to help our community around us. We hope that our small contribution has made or will make (come next harvest) a difference in the lives of the Stellenbosch Small Farmers Association and the community which they serve.

Happy farming.

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