On July 18, Nelson Mandela celebrates his 93rd birthday!

It’s an amazing accomplishment, one to add to many others in this great man’s life.In recognition of the more than 67 years Madiba spent serving his community, his country, and the world at large, Mandela Day encourages people around the world to volunteer 67 minutes to better their community in the week leading up to Mandela’s birthday.

On the farm, we are doing our little bit so serve the community. Beds were set up in the boardroom and over 30 members of staff donated blood.Although an individual donation only takes six-to-seven minutes, and not the 67 minutes individually, the WP Blood Transfusion services were at the farm for 4 hours to ensure that everyone who was willing and able, was able to donate. This is a small contribution to the 67 minutes that one can volunteer, but a well welcomed gesture none the less. Currently, the WP Blood Transfusion Services only have sufficient blood supply for 3.2 days, and only enough O-type blood for 1.5days.

Sister Elizme du Toit is the sister at the basic health family clinic on the farm. The clinic runs for 3 mornings a week, where Fairview staff, children and community members are able to come and receive free medical care.The blood transfusion project, is a project that was started in December by Sister Elizme. “We have arranged that the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services come to the farm every two months in order for us to give back to the community on a regular basis.”

A BIG thanks to Sister Elizme for organising, and a special thank you to all who donated.

What are you doing for your 67 minutes to celebrate Mandela day? Why not take a picture and send it to us: info@fairview.co.za or @FairviewWine on twitter

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