The week running up to the Super 15 final (Super 14 in prior years) sees Fairview celebrating the 2nd anniversary of a event that , although currently in its infancy stage, could prove to be a long standing Paarl tradition.

At Fairview, our local provincial team is Boland, who have their home ground in Paarl. Last year, members of the team and management were at the farm in one of our meeting rooms, where they came to discuss team tactics and the challenges that they faced in the season to come. At the time, Charles Back, Fairview’s owner, threw another challenge at them. He challenged the young guns to take on our farm manager, fifty-something Donald Mouton, and his dog Paulo on one of their regular morning runs up to the top of the Paarl Mountain.

Boland Cavaliers with Donald Mouton and Paulo

Last year, after a 10km run up around and back down the mountain to the Goat Tower, the Boland guys were huffing and puffing (and swearing a bit too). This year was no different. In fact, some of the forwards plotted their own route, which was 4kms less than that of Donald’s Route. Forwards will be forwards – “Why run around something, when you can run straight at it, or down it in this case”. “Our daily training on the field is nothing like that incline!” some of the players wheezed out of breath on their return.


Paulo leading the pack

Needless to say, Donald managed the run much like a goat manages a steep mountain rock face – with ease, style and grace.

While taking in the sights of the morning sun rising over the famous and world renowned goat tower, the players were allowed to catch their breath. After which, they were awarded with a “breakfast of champions” at the Goatshed restaurant.

Results after our second annual Fairview Cavalier mountain run:

Fairview/Donald 2 – Boland rugby team 0.

See you next year boys. Perhaps another year on Donald will give you the edge you need. But we doubt it! :)

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