Dear Fairview family,

After many months of hard work we are excited to share with you the news of a significant label evolution and improvement for the Fairview wine brand, to be introduced in the coming months.

During the 37 vintages since we first bottled wine under the Fairview name, the label has undergone various changes, dove-tailing with the evolution of the farm, vineyards, wines and the market. Over the years we have tried to retain the soul of what we believe makes Fairview special and we have always stayed true to the fundamental principles of our heritage.

Through the development of the new logo and packaging, we have created a label which embodies all of these values in a timeless design. Over the last two decades the Fairview Team has worked tirelessly to acquire better vineyard sites and to improve the vineyards, cellar facilities, winemaking and cellar door experience. We are now confident and contented that the label does justice to our hard work.

We have replaced the iconic goat tower with a newly designed Fairview crest. As our brand and wines have become more focused, we have chosen to move away from the whimsical goat tower motif. This has been made possible by the addition of the new, fun-inspired La Capra range, which has given us the opportunity to elevate the status and quality of the Fairview range, through rigorous grape and wine selection. This does not mean that we are taking ourselves too seriously, as you can see we are still having lots of fun with our La Capra range and The Goats do Roam Company.

The crest which forms the heart of the new label is unpretentious and devoid of heraldic devices. It has a distinctive agricultural feel and conveys the essential elements that encompass Fairview.

The farm worker, spade in hand and holding a vine, the fruits of his labour. As far as we know, this is the first label in South Africa, possibly the world, which gives such clear recognition to the role of the vineyard workers. They spend long, hard hours caring for the vines that ultimately enable the winemaking team to make the quality of wine that our customers have come to expect. Vineyard workers have walked a long road alongside the South African wine industry – from being slave labourers, through the fall of Apartheid until today, where farm workers have become land owners and brand owners.

The goat stands proud, as an integral part of the history of Fairview. Our brand has a lot of the goat’s capricious nature in its DNA; always looking for new opportunities, not afraid of climbing, sure-footed and quite mischievous at times. The sheaf of wheat not only makes reference to our farming heritage, my late great grandfather owned a flourmill in Lithuania. It also represents the bread which is baked daily in the Goatshed.

The four icons in the centre of the crest refer to the following:

The key unlocks knowledge and potential, opens doors to new opportunities. The basket press represents the artisanal nature that our winemaking, and cheese making, has retained through the years. The olive tree represents growth and the importance of family. We have recently started producing olive oil on the farm – another element of our ever-expanding business. The deep roots of the tree also represent Fairview as a well-established and trusted brand. And the scroll symbolises wisdom and values.

Three stars and a shell sit above the crest and were taken from the imagery on the gable of the Fairview Manor House, completed in 1722. The stars represent guidance and the shell fertility.

Collective effort has always been paramount to the philosophy of Fairview, and for this reason our winemaker, Anthony de Jager’s name has been incorporated in the front label. Furthermore, the vintage has been removed from the label itself and separately added on the neck, giving the label a more “classic” feel.

Not to entirely lose the reference to our iconic Goat Tower, it has been included in a stylised manner on the capsule of the bottle. It has also been added to the top of the capsule for easy identification in your cellar. We still include the date 1693 – when the first formal farming operations commenced on this property, 281 years before Charles Back I purchased the property.

The transition from the old label to the new will take approximately a year, as the new vintages are released. In an effort to minimise wastage, we will be combining old and new packaging for this period, but the quality of the contents will, as always, never be compromised.

We look forward to sharing our newest innovation with you and trust that you will share our enthusiasm and positive outlook for the future of the Fairview brand.



Charles Back and the Fairview Team


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