Claudia and Elisabeth at Ekeby

Fairview has a working relationship with Ekeby, a Norwegian farm owned by Finn-Erik Blakstad. After becoming a fan of the farm and the goats while studying in South Africa, Finn-Erik has developed an experience in his own country that showcases Fairview, complete with Norway’s own Goat Tower! Part of this collaboration involves an exchange program and our tasting room host Claudia is currently in Norway sharing the Fairview brand and learning about Ekeby’s.

The chef at Ekeby, Elisabeth Holm, has been in South Africa for a short working holiday, to learn more about Fairview as well as to broaden her baking skills. Communications manager Billie Lambrechts chatted to her about her experience and in particular about her tattoo…

Tower at Ekeby

Elisabeth has spent the past few weeks at Fairview. She’s done a lot of cooking with Andy in the Goatshed and built up her knowledge of the Fairview wines and cheeses. She has been up early in the morning with our bakers, learning about artisanal baking. This has included making her own sourdough starter, using must from the 2011 Darling Chenin Blanc (her favourite wine). Elisabeth will continue feeding the starter until she leaves for Norway next week and intends taking the starter back to Ekeby to use for their sourdough breads there. Another bit of Fairview which will be transported all the way to Norway!

When asked about her experience at Fairview, and in South Africa, her answer is short and sweet: “So much more than she had hoped for!”

Working at Ekeby, Elisabeth has become very good friends with Claudia. Through Finn-Erik and Claudia she has learnt a lot about Fairview and South Africa and come to have a lot of respect for what we do here, finding it quite inspiring.

The girl with the tower tattoo...

She always thought that the goat tower was very pretty but never thought of the idea of a tattoo until a situation presented itself… She had a tattoo of a an ex’s name at the bottom of her neck and was keen to cover it with something. In a candid conversation with Finn-Erik, he offered to pay for the tattoo if she had a goat inked on her back. This gave her the idea to have the tower instead of just a goat.

This took some time, but on a whim she decided to have the tattoo done and didn’t even warn Finn-Erik about it. It took five painstaking hours to complete and apparently the shading on the bricks was the worst part to endure, but she did so without shedding a tear. This all happened on 27 October 2010.

What next? Well, she’d like to add some more goats and decorative elements to the tattoo, but is not planning on adding Charles to the picture! He wasn’t too keen on that idea either! Elisabeth says that she has absolutely no regrets about the tattoo and her 4 kids (aged 3 – 13) all think that it’s very cool.

Her next tattoo will be a cupcake, as she is very fond of baking!

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6 Comments on The Girl with the Goat Tower Tattoo…

  1. Colleen says:

    WOW! What an absolutely stunning tattoo….it must have hurt!!! Love it!

  2. Thanx Colleen :o ) You’re absolutely right! I did hurt a lot….. But it was worth it!

  3. Peter Stavros says:

    Beautiful tattoo and even more beautiful girl !

  4. Dêsireê says:

    Absolutely stunning, awesome.  Visit the farm every year and just love the tower and goats, but the tattoo is just something out of this world.

  5. Thank you so much Desiree :o )

  6. Bill Hopkins says:

    I am a wine educator, and great fan of Fairview wines. I am also one quarter Norwegian, and honor my Viking ancestors by being almost 2 meters tall. My one son is a little bigger than I am, and turned 30 years old on October 27th, 2010. My oldest Granddaughter turned 20 on the same day. Thank you for celebrating their birthday by getting that beautiful Tattoo!

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