At the beginning of the year, plans were made to remove a section of vineyard near the goat tower and to begin work on an organic vegetable garden. A pilot project on another piece of land had proved to be very successful and the team who had been tending to the delicious greens, butternut squashes, carrots and cauliflowers were keen for a larger challenge.

After the vines had been removed (the site was not producing great grapes before anyone protests!) the ground was prepared and the organic garden was planned out. Planting included fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and various flowers. Olive trees and indigenous plants have added character to the space and after the winter rains the plants have established themselves and started to flourish. A recent addition to the garden is an Olienhout, planted in October by As with any project, there have been challenges and they came in the form of the many peacocks and peahens on the farm. These birds (or ‘feathered vuvuzelas as Billie likes to call them) took a liking to some of the crops in particular, resulting in the broccoli and red cabbages being permanently removed from the garden!

The crops are now regularly supplied to the Goatshed and we are hoping to develop the organic vegetable garden so as to provide the restaurant with a large proportion of its seasonal requirements. Take a stroll though the garden the next time you visit the farm. The aromas of the herbs and flowers are fantastic!

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