A new Goat Tower has arrived

The second Goat Tower to be modelled directly on the Fairview tower has recently been completed in Argentina.

The Fairview Goat Tower has become one of the instantly recognisable symbols of the Paarl winelands, with its resident goats probably the most photographed livestock in South Africa!

In 2007 a replica tower was opened by Charles Back at the Ekeby farm in Norway as part of an innovative and exciting collaborative initiative. This has seen an exchange of tasting room hosts with our second representative, Claudia, currently spending a year in Norway.

Torre de Cabras

Last year Fairview was contacted by Matías Cuadro, who had a few questions about our goat tower. He is from Fínca el Rocio, a farm in Villa Belgrano in the Córdoba province of Argentina. Matías told us that their farm was starting to produce goats’ milk cheese. Cheese is produced at the farm using goats’ milk as well as sheep’s milk. Fínca el Rocio is a mixed farming concern, growing fruit trees and raspberries in addition to their goat herd. Most of the fruit is used to produce a range of preserves.

During his investigations into goat farming he had come across Fairview. He was very interested in the farm and the tower in particular. As part of Fínca el Rocio’s new venture, Matías asked if we would be happy for them to build a replica of the Fairview goat tower. Of course we were more than happy to oblige (who are we to stop him?) and sent him the plans of the tower that we had drawn up for Ekeby.

After three months of construction, the tower was completed in October 2010 and has quickly become a point of interest for visitors. As Matías said at the time “The tower is still standing! And it has become the farm attraction. The goats climb to the top easily, but in the first days I had to push them to walk up! But corn is the solution. I reduced their food for one day and then I put some corn in the higher level to invite them to climb. Only the hungriest walk up in the beginning, but now they happily go up and down!”

We wish Matías and the team at Fínca el Rocio all the best. We look forward to working with them in the future, and hopefully to a visit to their farm. We’ll keep you up to date with any further developments.

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